Refinancing may be one of the most misunderstood components of home ownership, but Mountain Mortgage offers its clients clarity over this puzzling issue

When should I refinance?  Many clients have brought up questions such as these: 

For these questions,  a common rule of thumb is if one is saving 2% or more, they should refinance.  For clients at Mountain Mortgage however, refinancing can become an extreme benefit even if the interest rate doesn't change for the borrower.  The borrower can refinance to pay off debt that can considerably lower their over all monthly payments.  

Why would a client use this method and how can they do it?

One main reason for using this method for refinancing, is the fact that most of us can no longer write off credit card debt.  With interest rates on most credit cards reaching the double digits, it makes sense to condense that credit card debt into one loan at a lower interest rate.  In many cases, that new payment is fully tax deductible. 

Other reasons why our clients choose to refinance:

Many people take some of the equity out of their homes for reasons such as these.  They are all good reasons to refinance.  Give us a call today and see if we can help you to find the best way for you to get rid of unwanted debt through a refinance (774-9002).

Veterans Please Read this!

At Mountain Mortgage, we can do streamlined refinances.  There are few conditions required to do these loans!!  (See Below)

Conditions for a Streamlined Refinance:

These loans are really quite simple, and a great advantage.  They are quick and easy.  They are also known to close as fast as two to three weeks!!  Check out our rates today and see if we can save you some money!  Remember, at Mountain Mortgage, we are qualified VA Loan specialists.  So call or e-mail us today!!

Non-Owner Occupied Refinances:

At Mountain Mortgage, we understand the investor and their needs for refinancing.  These investments can be used to either make more money, or to pull some equity out to make other investments.  We have the standard 65% cash out programs,  Contact us today for rates and details!!! (774-9002).